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I’m Natasha a wedding celebrant and mindfulness teacher working with couples to celebrate their big day through the creation of meaningful, personal, joyful ceremonies. I am based in North Yorkshire but travel nationally and internationally to share the big day with my couples.

I think independent wedding celebrants are pretty great, for so many reasons. If you’re wedding planning (congratulations!) and have never heard of wedding celebrants - or maybe you have and want to know more - here are my top 5 reasons to have a wedding celebrant:

Having a Wedding Celebrant Means Having a Personalised Ceremony

By far, the top reason couples choose to have a wedding celebrant is to have a more personalised ceremony - it’s literally what we do! Celebrant-led ceremonies aren’t as rigid or as formulaic as registrar-led or religious ceremonies. In fact, we have total freedom to lead them exactly how we like; which, in my case, is however you’d like! I’ll work with you to really craft a ceremony that’s meaningful, symbolic, and really reflects you two as a couple and your story. No outdated vows, no meaningless phrases, no restrictions on music - just a declaration of love that’s super authentic and full of joy and laughter.

Having an Independent Wedding Celebrant Means You Can Have an Interfaith Wedding Ceremony

As an independent wedding celebrant, my ceremonies aren’t tied to a particular thought process or religion. This means I can lead interfaith ceremonies, representing elements of both of your religions, cultures and faiths. Religious ceremonies, particularly when held in religious venues, are usually quite prescriptive and don’t always allow for elements of any other belief system; with an independent ceremony, we have the privilege of being able to honour both or if you chose your ceremony can be completely free from any religion or references to faith.

Having a wedding celebrant allows you more venue freedom

Another reason you may want to choose a celebrant-led wedding is because it allows you more freedom in picking your venue. As they’re not legal ceremonies (yet!), they don’t have to be held in a licensed wedding venue. This means that not only can you get married in a totally unique wedding venue that you just love the look of - like the restaurant where you had your first date, perhaps, or your school - but you can also get married outside (which isn’t legally allowed in England and Wales just yet.)

Having a wedding celebrant allows your friends and family to fully enjoy the day

If you’re after a personalised ceremony, it’s natural to want the ceremony led by someone that knows you both. However, you might not feel comfortable asking a friend or family member to do this, because it can be quite a stressful ask - and if they’re that close, you probably want them to just enjoy the day! That’s where celebrants come in. I spend the months running up to the wedding getting to know you, to make sure your ceremony is as personalised as if a friend wrote it. It will tell your story in a unique way and with your permission I speak to other members of the wedding party or important people in your relationship to hear about your love story through there eyes too. It’s the best of both worlds!

Having a wedding celebrant allows you to have a stress-free wedding day

Stress-free weddings are something I feel very strongly about (so much so that I’m also a mindfulness for brides coach). And, ultimately, that’s one of the reasons I love celebrancy so much - the total flexibility means your wedding should fit around you, not vice versa. For one, everything that’s in the wedding ceremony itself is there because you wanted it to be, not because anyone else said it had to be! Also, no time restrictions mean you can plan the day at your pace. Finally, as a lot of couples are already (technically) legally married before their celebrant-led wedding with family and friends, it takes the pressure and off, leaving you fully able to soak in the atmosphere on the day.

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